I’m so tired of my emotions lately.  I really wish I could just shut off my mind so I wouldn’t think so much. Does anyone else feel that way? I’m so frustrated. I want to be noticed for who I am and not to be used by someone. My whole life I’ve been used by other people. I care too much so now I’m stuck with this overwhelming feeling of anxious knots  in my stomach. I hate this feeling and I just want it to go away.

I fell into your life

Now you’re falling head first into mine

And I’m unsure if I want that

You’re falling head first

I’m clinging onto my old life

Without you




If you stripped me down to nothing

Could I still be your everything?

I used to feel my lungs collapse

Against my chest

I felt everything


Now my lungs are functional

And my throat doesn’t tighten

My stomach doesn’t ache


I still have this echoing voice

That says it will soon return


I don’t know how I feel about this – I haven’t written anything I really liked in a while. Thought I’d post though so I can try to stay consistent with my blog posts.  Thanks for reading!

And if I’ve learned from my mistakes

I’d swallow my words

Cut them into little pieces

No more written notes, poems, or excessive thoughts

And If I’ve learned from my mistakes

My chest won’t tighten

And I won’t have to fight

These fucking mistakes