Because I’m a Masochist

Because I’m a Masochist

I trust without no interest
Caring is my guilty reliance

Because I’m a Masochist
Pain sucks me dry
Though she doesn’t try

She’s making me lick the blade,
Cutting, slicing

Inside and out

She’s broken
I know we’re broken
But selfish me,
You have no right to be

You had a choice
You had a plan

You took advantage
Of my ability
To love pain
Instead of kindness

I don’t trust you
With my life,
Or my pain,

I believe I have the will to cut deeper than you

I’d love to cut you into pieces

You’re a fucking hypocrite

Another scar to my thigh,
Another mark on my,
“Body of Horrors”
I hope you enjoy my pain,
My scars,
Because I do.