Now that my scars are fading

Fading into whiteness

Fading into the distance

Fading the mindset that held me


The grip has let go of my throat

The pulling and dragging

Of sharp objects

Has seized completely

I will let these scars fade

As I’m supposed to


Because I’m a Masochist

Because I’m a Masochist

I trust without no interest
Caring is my guilty reliance

Because I’m a Masochist
Pain sucks me dry
Though she doesn’t try

She’s making me lick the blade,
Cutting, slicing

Inside and out

She’s broken
I know we’re broken
But selfish me,
You have no right to be

You had a choice
You had a plan

You took advantage
Of my ability
To love pain
Instead of kindness

I don’t trust you
With my life,
Or my pain,

I believe I have the will to cut deeper than you

I’d love to cut you into pieces

You’re a fucking hypocrite

Another scar to my thigh,
Another mark on my,
“Body of Horrors”
I hope you enjoy my pain,
My scars,
Because I do.