Childhood Memories (Part 2)


I wanted to touch on the Orlando Shooting a bit before I get to my photos. I am completely saddened and heartbroken. These wonderful and beautiful people, who just happened to be apart of the  LGBTQ  community, were killed so maliciously by a man who was angered by seeing two men kissing. I am pansexual, and my family and friends are also in the LGBTQ community. This could have happened anywhere and to anyone.

Everyone claims it is terrorism. I believe that it was because they were gay. Let’s not forget that trans women were hosting that night, and they were poc too. I’m disgusted and I hope this will open everyone’s eyes to the fact that we do not need assault rifles. We do not need these guns falling into the hands of people who only want to cause harm. Especially  against people of race, sexual orientation, or religion.   I wish I had better words to express my heartbreak. Let me leave you with the words of our president, and soon to be former president:


Next, I will share a few more of my photos. Description from Part 1:

I took a few pictures that portray my childhood. I live in the country and everywhere around me,  there’s beautiful nature. My grandma lived across from me, and when I was little I’d always walk over to her house. Stay there all day until my dad brought me home, half asleep in his then white pick-up truck. Now, her house sits alone and not full of warm grandmotherly love, or the beautiful tulips that bloomed outside. It saddens me and I wish I could go back in time.

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