Die for something else

Very insightful.

Dead Perspective

We are left with our bodies beaten and defeated.

We are left with no hope and poor interpretations.

We are told religion teaches kindness and love.

We are told it teaches the youth to have faith in a better tomorrow.

We are told to blame this on guns.

We are taught to hate those different from us.

You say you’re weird, until you meet someone who is weird.

You’re ordinary. We are ordinary and we fear the strange.

We fear true rage. We fear a real fight. We fear life.

Life is not looking into the Grand Canyon and taking a fucking selfie.

Life is dying for something beautiful. Past generations used to die for love.

Not Romeo or Juliet.

They would grow old together. One of them would die.

The other would count the seconds until they were reunited in the after life.

Now? We get divorced. We get…

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